Reentry Services

We have operated community reintegration programs for justice involved individuals for more than 40 years.

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley has a proven record of commitment, experience, versatility, and competence in operating community reintegration programs and reentry services. Our outlook combines diverse experiences with “state of the art” program approaches. As a result, this creates a client-centered treatment team that is available to respond to the needs of the clients. Our goal is to use effective treatment models that have been empirically tested and shown to reduce the probability of future criminal activity which results in recidivism reduction. VOADV provides evidence-based treatment interventions to clients in an effort to reduce the risk of re-offending and promote successful reintegration into society.

Reentry Services Offered

Residential Community Release Programs

Family Violence Prevention Program

Program for Returning Offenders with Mental Illness Safely and Effectively (PROMISE)


Know Your Rights

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was passed in 2003 with unanimous support from both parties in Congress. The purpose of the act was to “provide for the analysis of the incidence and effects of prison rape in Federal, State, and local institutions and to provide information, resources, recommendations and funding to protect individuals from prison rape.” (Prison Rape Elimination Act, 2003). This law applies to all public and private institutions that house adult or juvenile offenders.


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