Garrett House

509 Cooper Street, Camden, NJ 08102

Garrett House is a residential community release program (halfway house) in Camden, NJ specifically designed for female offenders. Accredited by the American Correctional Association and contracted by the New Jersey Department of Corrections, Garrett House provides reentry services and gender-responsive treatment to account for the unique needs of women returning to the community from the criminal justice system. Residents receive evidence-based treatment as well as educational and employment opportunities.

Garrett House residents also receive:

“When I first entered Garrett House, I had very little education, no support, no license, no clothes, and no job skills…today, I am still continuing my education with the tools I received at Garrett House.”

– A.P., Former Garrett House Resident

A Garrett House staff member and client speak on the step of the building.
A close up of the Garrett House sign with pink flowers in the foreground and the building in the background.

“It’s so rewarding when conducting exit interviews and residents are excited to tell you about their plans, the progress they’ve made at work, school, and with their families. It’s a level of joy that cannot be expressed by words.”

– T.M., Treatment Assistant at Garrett & Fletcher

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