Zero Tolerance

Employees, contractors and volunteers are strictly prohibited from engaging in sexual misconduct, inappropriate behavior, sexual abuse or sexual harassment with clients or other staff. Instances of sexual misconduct and/or inappropriate behavior jeopardizes the safety of all staff and clients.

Sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior are defined as actions of a staff person, contractor or volunteer that are not beneficial to the client and may be demonstrated through the following acts:

Sexual abuse is defined as a sexual act where the victim does not consent is coerced into a sexual act by overt or implied threats of violence, or is unable to consent or refuse.

Sexual abuse of a client by another client may be demonstrated through the following acts:

Sexual abuse of a client by a staff member, contractor, or volunteer may be demonstrated by the following acts, with or without consent of the client:

  1. Peering at a client who is using the toilet to perform bodily functions
  2. Requiring a client to expose his or her buttocks, genitalia or breasts
  3. Taking images of all or part of a client’s naked body or of a client performing bodily functions

Sexual harrassment may be demonstrated through the following acts:

Staff is required to immediately intervene, challege, and/or report any inappropriate behavior of clients in order to promote a safe and professional workplace. If you or your employees experience any challenges in our programs related to these behaviors, we require that it is immediately reported to a Volunteers of America supervisor.

All instances of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior must be documented and a supervisory investigation must ensue.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to describe all of the situations that would constitue sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior. Any employee who has a question concerning possible misconduct must request advice from their supervisor.

This serves as a notification regarding our zero tolerance policy for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior. Any questions or concerns can be directed to our PREA coordinator Kathy White at 856-854-4660.

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