A Day In The Life: Nilda Natal, Director of Substance Abuse Counseling

You’ve met Latasha Kendrick, a former Moving Forward client who overcame homelessness and domestic violence. We recently introduced you to Jared Bared, an Air Force veteran who turned his life around in Home For The Brave and is working towards independence. Clearly, there is no shortage of inspiring clients in all of our programs. But what about the people working hard to help our clients make those changes while also on their own journey? A perfect example of this work ethic and dedication is Nilda Natal – a valued member of the VOADV team since 2018. Ms. Natal started at…

Client Spotlight: Jared Bard at Home For The Brave

Meet Jared Bard – a veteran Air Force air traffic controller of 8 years, a father, an electrician in training and a resident at our Home For The Brave shelter. Home For The Brave is designed to provide our veterans with supportive housing and supportive services with the goal of helping them to achieve residential stability, increase their skill levels and/or income, and obtain greater self-determination. According to his case manager, Ms. Sandra Coursen, Jared exemplifies the determination and progress towards his future that Home For The Brave is intended to assist with. After putting himself through tech school to…

A Day In The Life: D’Yani Kelly, Community Health Worker & Nichole Phillips, Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

The clients at our Aletha R. Wright “Vision of Hope” Center have a lot to think about – finding employment, obtaining identification, meeting their case management goals and their path to permanent housing. Their physical health can often be an afterthought, or considered not as important as taking the next steps toward independent living. D’Yani Kelly, the facility’s Community Health Worker, and Nichole Phillips, the Certified Peer Recovery Specialist, are there to make sure that is not the case. Ms. Kelly describes her main responsibility as assisting any client that comes to Aletha Wright with any type of medical need….

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