Client Success Story: Jamil Pollard

Every single day at VOADV, across our 40 programs, our clients are working towards their personal goals and a second chance at life – and our incredible staff are there to support and guide them every step of the way. Jamil Pollard is the perfect example of that. Through his own hard work, and the assistance of staff at Aletha R. Wright and our Camden Navigational Resource Center, Mr. Pollard recently accepted a job and moved to Brooklyn, NY to continue his journey.

Hear his story in the words of his case manager:

“Mr. Pollard was displaced from his home where he was staying with his family. He found shelter in an abandoned apartment until he was caught. He thought this was the police so he ran barefoot outside to avoid any issue. On October 2, he went to the Paulsboro Police station (an IMPACT law enforcement partner) to turn himself in. It turns out the police were not pursuing him at all, but they were able to shelter him and provided the referral for him to stay at Aletha R. Wright “Vision of Hope” Center.

On October 5, I encountered Mr. Pollard in our Navigational Resource Center office asking for clothing for a Sales Manger position interview he had the following day. During our meeting I provided him with a full suit, shirt, tie and belt. We built a great rapport as he shared that he built a rapport with staff at Aletha Wright who provided a listening ear for him and helped him with some additional resources.

On October 11, Mr. Pollard reached out again asking for resources to get a haircut for his potential employment. We provided the voucher to a local barber shop where he was able to get a fresh cut to feel confident. He advised that he was still waiting for his background check to come back for the job he interviewed for. He also said that his interviewers even complimented him on the suit that he was wearing.

Days later, I received an email from Mr. Pollard with his offer letter advising he had been offered the Sales Manager job in Brooklyn, NY. Now, the challenge was helping him to find a way there and to help him with resources for housing. Through multiple calls and meetings between the shelter and our offices, we ended up supplying him with bus tickets to get him to where he needed to be. He also received help from staff at the shelter that helped him through his transition to New York. He got there and stayed one night at a shelter and then found an apartment on his own which the landlord let him move in until he is paid his first check.

Since being there he has stayed in touch and provided updates on how he is doing. He received high praises from the VP of Sales regarding his work ethic. He also came back down to the shelter to provide snacks and to thank the staff for their care and help.”

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