Client Stories of Success

The work we do at VOADV would not be possible without the support and generosity of our community partners. Some of our longest standing support comes from People For The Poor, a South Jersey based charity that raises money for local homeless shelters and soup kitchens. While they have been a significant supporter of our homeless services for decades, People For The Poor’s generosity has had an impact on our entire mission.

At their most recent Annual Donation Dinner, the organization’s influence on our clients was clear as representatives from Home For The Brave, Aletha R. Wright Center, Anna Sample House Complex and Eleanor Corbett House shared inspiring client stories that were possible due to People For The Poor’s incredible assistance. Hear two of those moving stories here, in the words of the staff that work with them every day.

Home For The Brave – told by D’Yani Kelly, Community Health Worker

“This client came to Volunteers of America Delaware Valley out of prison into our Home For The Brave side of the Aletha R. Wright facility (which for anyone that doesn’t know is our suites reserved for our homeless veterans).

He came into the program extremely determined and motivated. He understood that finding permanent housing and employment was imperative to his success or lack thereof. After searching, he found a full time position at a local business. While he continued to work hard, the client was able to save enough money to purchase a used car, which in the long run he knew would be more economical than public transportation.

There are residents that still reach out to this individual for assistance or advice because they see him as a peer that has become their mentor. He is someone that INTIMATELY understands exactly how this process that they’re facing works and has successfully navigated it.

The client has since found his own apartment and he still works as a clerical administrator. He is currently in the process of writing an autobiography for his friends and for whomever his story may touch.”

Aletha R. Wright Center – told by Shaniqua Nobles, Tenant Resource Counselor

“This client entered Aletha R. Wright Center in 2019 from serving a 6-year 9-month incarceration sentence. While in the program, he went through a local temp agency for employment who then placed him with a company in mid-2021. After showing the company how hard he worked and how dedicated he was, they hired him in early 2022. Due to NJ Parole ending his funding, this client was placed on a SSH referral to continue his stay here at Aletha Wright while I worked on finding him permanent housing. One of his goals was to save money and show proof of what he saved. This client showed he had close to $12,000 saved at the time. By the time he transitioned out of the shelter program, he had close to $20,000 saved. He found housing and was able to pay all of his moving fees himself.”

Thank you so much to People For The Poor – their generous support helped make it possible for these clients to regain their independence and get started on their next phase of life.

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