A Day In The Life: Shaunta Majette, Social Services Coordinator

We serve over 400 seniors at VOADV, and the dedicated members of our Supportive Housing Department go above and beyond every day to make sure they are receiving compassion and respect.

Shaunta Majette is one of those people. A Social Service Coordinator at Lindenwold Towers, one of our housing communities for income-qualified seniors, Shaunta works every day to help her clients succeed physically, financially and emotionally. Whether it is help with a benefits program application, assistance obtaining furniture for their apartment, or even a pep talk when they’re feeling down, Shaunta is there for them.

A day in the life of a Social Service Coordinator varies greatly depending on the current needs of the clients. While Shaunta’s day at Lindenwold Towers always starts with morning coffee with the residents and putting up an inspirational quote on the community board for them to read, it can then go anywhere from helping clients apply for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Benefits or Medicaid, to planning a Zumba workshop.

The importance of providing services like these for the senior population cannot be underestimated, something Shaunta learned through her background as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

“Being a CNA for many years showed me how sometimes seniors can be neglected or discredited because of their age. As a CNA, I realized that I have a passion for helping seniors and switched over my schooling to social work,” said Shaunta. “They are definitely the best population for me – you always hear about assistance for children and families, but help and guidance for seniors is just as important.”

As a Social Service Coordinator, Shaunta is able to plan fun events like Zumba, Bingo, monthly birthday celebrations and other workshops for clients. However, the biggest impact is made through educating her clients on the various ways they can receive assistance.

“A few months ago, we had a resident who was extremely behind on their utility bill but had either been misinformed or uninformed about the benefits available to them. We helped him apply, he was accepted, and is so grateful to be receiving utility help. Having someone there to explain these programs and answer any questions the clients have is so important.”

Experiences like this one are not uncommon at Lindenwold Towers, as Shaunta is known as the problem solver of the program. She says her favorite part of her job is seeing her clients happy, especially when she’s able to uplift someone when they need it most.

While receiving these benefits are extremely valuable to our seniors, many move in with other needs Shaunta and other Service Coordinators work to assist with.

“Another service we provide is helping residents find a bed, a dresser, – all the necessary items. Our residents are income-based and it is not uncommon by the middle of the month they don’t have the money for necessities – toilet paper, adult disposable underwear, dish detergent,” said Shaunta.

VOADV’s Donation Center exists for this reason. Supported by the generosity of the community donating new and good condition items, staff are able to come pick up what their clients need.

“Overall, I want people to know that seniors are still people with a life to live and a lot to contribute,” said Shaunta. “They sometimes feel lonely and always appreciate receiving any recognition or support, which is why I think it is so important that we have these services and programs for them.”

To donate Lindenwold Tower’s most-needed items – adult disposable underwear and toiletries – view our Donation Center hours and policies here.

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