PROMISE is a program designed to treat adult male and female offenders on parole supervision with the necessary mental health treatment required by their diagnosis. PROMISE clients are a subset of the RESAP population who also present with similar criminogenic needs, in addition to the added diagnosis of chronic mental illness. PROMISE clients receive the same comprehensive re-entry package but also receive individual and group mental health treatment, including psychiatric evaluation and medication monitoring. Treatment modalities include cognitive-behavioral intervention, motivational enhancement, relapse prevention therapy, and trauma-informed care. After completion of the residential portion of the PROMISE program, clients are eligible to enroll in transitional housing opportunities designed to stabilize life in the community until they can move into permanent supportive housing. Clients in supportive housing hold their own lease and receive on-going aftercare case management services.

Administrative Location: 510 Liberty Street, Camden, NJ

Phone: 856.583-2220

Eligibility: All referrals from the New Jersey State Parole Board