Latasha Kendrick: Inspiring A Nation

Meet Latasha Kendrick – VOADV Moving Forward client and single mother of three children who overcame homelessness and domestic violence only to face a new, unexpected challenge in 2020… coronavirus.

We first introduced you to Latasha in our June edition, when The Star Ledger/ profiled her struggle of having to choose between the job she loves and staying home to care for her children during the pandemic.

A few weeks ago, Latasha was asked to share her heartbreaking story with esteemed Senior Business Correspondent Stephanie Ruhle for a primetime special “Coronavirus and the Classroom,” anchored by Lester Holt. Latasha’s segment focused on the challenges working single mothers, fathers and families are facing when it comes to balancing work, finances and education as the “back-to-school” season approaches and COVID-19 pandemic continues.

We applaud Latasha for her strength and willingness to share her story with others. Her story is like so many individuals served by VOADV…and countless others across our state, nation and world. We know she will serve as an inspiration and Give Hope to so many others.

Click here to watch the segment on NBC Nightly News (Latasha’s segment starts at the 2:45 mark).

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