Human Trafficking

We provide immediate, direct services for survivors of human trafficking paired with law enforcement guided outreach efforts to identify and help victims. We also have a comprehensive youth awareness and general public information program.

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Human Trafficking Overview

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley (VOADV) partnered in October of 2020 with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) to create and implement the Atlantic City Human Trafficking Pilot. The pilot allowed VOADV to utilize their services-based mindset of immediate, direct services paired with law enforcement guided outreach efforts to best aid survivors of human trafficking. Additional components of the pilot provided VOADV the opportunity to host youth education and awareness events to prevent future victimization. 

Partnerships were key to the VOADV Atlantic City Human Trafficking Pilot. The New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, along with the Boys and Girls Club of Atlantic City, Atlantic City Police Department and Pine Hill Police Department were all instrumental in launching these efforts and ensuring their success. Education and awareness events paired with community engagement efforts allowed the program to reach the community in new ways, ensuring our most vulnerable residents were aware of the dangers of potential victimization. 

VOADV continued with the program, growing human trafficking victims services throughout Atlantic County, while also expanding the services footprint through the Navigator Program. Utilizing the New Jersey Department of Human Services appropriation, VOADV placed Human Trafficking Specialists throughout South Jersey to ensure survivors have care delivered with the dignity and immediacy they deserve no matter where they are. 

The continued support of VOADV Law Enforcement partners and community stakeholders has allowed the initiatives to expand over the past four years. We are excited to continue our growth in providing community education and awareness, outreach, and services. 

The most recent expansion of the VOADV Human Trafficking program is the Human Trafficking Awareness and Education Campaign. The program is a partnership with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and local law enforcement, through a federal appropriation facilitated by Congressman Donald Norcross. VOADV and its partners will provide education and awareness to children and their families about the dangers of human trafficking, its early signs, and what to do if you suspect someone you know is being trafficked. 

Human Trafficking Education & Awareness Campaign

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