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We Give Hope to Thousands of People Each Year Throughout the Delaware Valley

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley

Volunteers of America Delaware Valley (VOADV), is a 501(c) 3 non-profit social service agency that has been providing essential services to vulnerable individuals and communities since 1896. Headquartered in the city of Camden, New Jersey, VOADV is characterized by its diversity of programming and assistance services and supported by a team of more than 400 qualified, mission-driven professionals that work tirelessly on behalf of their clients.

Each year, VOADV serves more than 13,000 individuals throughout the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia region and operates more than 40 high quality, outcome-driven assistance programs – from homelessness, reentry, veterans assistance, and affordable housing services to specialized programs for individuals living with substance use disorder, traumatic brain injury and/or intellectual disabilities. VOADV’s mission, which governs all service and assistance provided to clients in need, is to provide community-based assistance to individuals in need so that they can lead self-fulfilled, independent lives. As an organization, our mission to serve has not wavered and is upheld even in times of crisis.

Today, Volunteers of America is one of the largest and most comprehensive human service agencies in the nation. With affiliates across forty-six (46) states, Volunteers of America collectively serve more than one million people each year across the nation.

You can help

Each year, Volunteers of America Delaware Valley provides programs benefitting individuals and families experiencing homelessness, provide support for veterans, improve access to medical care, and provide client assistance. Your support allows us to help those in need so that they can lead self-fulfilled, independent lives.

Agency Summary

Founded: In Philadelphia, March 8, 1896

Incorporated: 1985 (Volunteers of America Delaware Valley, Inc.)

Employees: Over 400 (both full-time and part-time)

Programs: Presently, we operate 40 separate programs serving persons who are experiencing homelessness, seeking permanent housing, struggling with addictive behavior, coping with chronic mental illness and developmental disabilities, returning to society from the criminal justice system, and dealing with domestic violence.

Programs are categorized as Homeless Services, Permanent Housing, Supportive Housing, Reentry Services, Specialized Services, and Community Services. 


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