We’re Hiring: Learn What It Means To Be Part Of The VOADV Family

The VOADV team is made up of close to 400 members with unique skills and experiences, but this family all shares one thing in common – a passion for helping others.

We’re looking for hardworking, passionate individuals who share those same values and want to be part of a team that makes a difference. A common phrase around our offices and programs – spread across Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia – is that some people can’t imagine doing what we do. We can’t imagine not doing it. To work at VOADV gives you the ability to help others and make an impact every single day.

We have five service areas – homeless services, permanent housing, supportive housing, reentry services and specialized services – that provide dozens of unique opportunities. Whether your background is in social work, medical services, or you’re just starting your career, if you want to help others, VOADV could be a fit.

One of the positions we’re always looking to fill is case managers for our 6 emergency shelters. These individuals are the ones who set our clients experiencing homelessness on a path to permanent housing. They work with clients to identify contributing factors for their homelessness, develop service plans, assist with treatment linkage and much more. It is a dynamic job – when the pandemic hit, our family shelter case managers quickly adapted and learned to work with school districts’ homeless liaisons to make sure every child at the shelter had what they needed to succeed both in and out of the classroom.

Supportive and permanent housing also provide many opportunities to make a difference in our clients lives. Our housing team improves the quality of life for their residents by implementing supportive services at each location and providing daily assistance to residents. Through bringing positivity and support, our housing team lets our clients know they are home.

While all of our positions are rewarding, some require more tough love than others. Our re-entry services program staff come to work equipped with mental fortitude, creativity, ingenuity and more to work with individuals under parole supervision.

According to Director of Specialized Offender Services and the Community Resource Center (CRC) Kim Love, “These populations rely heavily on stability and support in order to succeed. As these individuals are released from prison, they sometimes have no one to rely on, no family to turn to and nowhere to go. Society has changed and they need to adapt quickly – that is where we step in, to guide them and help them on the road to success.”

Working in social services can be tough, but it is unquestionably rewarding.