Fueled By Love

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love that comes around once a year. However, long after the candy hearts and pink decorations are put away, our organization remains defined by love. Whether through giving it or receiving it, the presence of love is evident in everything we do.

Our staff are fueled by love every single day – for the clients we serve, for the work they are doing, and for making a difference in the world. The work being done in our programs is incredibly rewarding, but also extremely difficult, and it is clear that members of the VOADV team are passionate about doing the best job possible. Whether it is going above and beyond during a hurricane, rallying community support during COVID or spreading cheer during a difficult time, love is felt inside the doors of all our programs. Recently, a staff member learned that a client was feeling lonely and disconnected. Knowing that the client loves art, this standout employee took it upon themselves to gather art supplies to make that client’s heart lighter.

VOADV is also supported by love – the amazing work our staff does would not be possible without the generosity and kindness of our donors and sponsors. After learning of our client’s current needs, the Home Depot Foundation recently donated boxes of non-perishable food and hygiene products – almost all of which are already in use in our programs. Similarly, Staples recognized the amount of students in our programs and donated over 200 kits of school supplies, ensuring that they start the next school year off on the right foot.

This year, our Valentines are our staff and supporters. Today and every day, we want to say thank you, as they are the ones who make what we do possible.