Ministry Policy

Ministry Policy

Volunteers of America is an ecumenical Christian Church with a ministry of service that invites all those who can affirm the mission and Cardinal Doctrines to join in its active ministry.  The ministers of Volunteers of America are bound to the Standards of Conduct, which are part of the governance documents.  To be considered as a ministry candidate, one must be an employee in good standing (meaning, no discipline actions within the last 12 months and must score at least a 2.5 on your performance appraisal).  Ministry is a privilege and should not to be taken lightly.   It is a personal calling and commitment to bring others to the knowledge and active service of God.

Constituent Membership 
The purpose of constituent member enrollment is to confirm your commitment to the mission and purpose of the organization and to affiliate with the Volunteers of America movement.  It is also a first step in becoming a commissioned minister after being employed or connected for one year with Volunteers of America.  Those interested in becoming a minister, must show themselves a faithful member of the organization and be enrolled as a constituent member for at least 6 months prior to starting the ministry process.  To be enrolled as a constituent member of Volunteers of America:

  1. The candidate will review the Cardinal Doctrines and Mission Statement. 
  2. If the candidate is in agreement with the Cardinal Doctrines and Mission Statement, the candidate will then complete a Constituent Member Enrollment Application.
  3. Once the application is completed and submitted, an appointment will be scheduled and the candidate will be enrolled by the CEO and/or designated minister in the affiliate.

Commissioned Minister 
To be considered for commissioning or ordination of ministry, the employee must:

  1. Be in good standing as a full time employee or a dedicated volunteer to be considered for constituent ministry. 
  2. The interested candidate must contact the President/CEO or designee (Chaplain’s Office) to make known their interest in the ministry.
  3. The President/CEO or designee will spend time discussing the history, ministry and spiritual values of Volunteers of America.  If the candidate has not already been enrolled as a constituent member, it may be done during this time of dialog.
  4. The individual’s motive should be clearly to advance the ministry of service of Volunteers of America and not for personal benefit. 
  5. The candidate will then a write two (2) letters of intent; one to the local President/CEO and one to the National President/CEO.
  6. The Candidate must select a mentor to work with during the process and inform the National Office of their selection.  The mentor must be an active commissioned or ordained Volunteers of America minister.
  7. The candidate will then receive a letter from the National office confirming acceptance into the ministry program.
  8. At that time, the candidate must select a course of study.  The choices are either NavPress’ “Design for Discipleship” or Kerygma’s “The Bible In Depth”.
  9. When all education requirements are met, you will be asked to complete an Application for Commissioning.
  10. The completed application should be given to your mentor, who will attach their recommendation and forward it to the National office, along with  the candidates  essays, a recent photo, a current resume, and two letters of recommendation (from other than VOA personnel).
  11. Applications and attachments are due to the National office by January 15th each year to be considered for commissioning June of the given year.
  12. The candidate’s ministry packet is then forwarded to the Church Governing Board (CGB), who will review it and determine if the candidate will be a suitable minister.
  13. The candidate will receive notice of the CGB recommendation sometime in March or April.
  14. The commissioning will take place in June of that year during the Volunteers of America annual conference.