Ballington and Maud Booth Legacy Society

Is mortality difficult to contemplate? Maybe so. Although the notion of leaving a legacy for future generations is not new, we may procrastinate with issues that do not demand prompt attention. Yet our personal goals may not be captured in dialogue with family or with friends and our legacy may, in some cases, remain completely undefined.

Planned giving through the Ballington and Maud Booth Legacy Society offers a vehicle to the future and a vision of hope that is transmitted across generational boundaries. When we pass on, many of us do not leave a detailed outline or will telling our families and friends exactly what our wishes are. By articulating this to our loved ones, they are empowered with carrying out your legacy and honor your favorite organizations by being stewards of your gifts. Seldom do we have a chance to impact so many people!

Through planned giving we improve the lives of those we will never meet and families who may face an uncertain future due to factors beyond their control. Your gift helps to build a bridge to a brighter life for families in distress. Creating a plan for your gift will light the way for these families, but only if you plan ahead and get educated on what happens to your estate upon passing. For example, did you know that 60% or more of your retirement funds may be used to pay taxes? Unless you plan carefully, a significant portion of your money may go to government coffers - instead of to the important operations of Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. If this bit of information is surprising to you, please discuss this matter with a qualified tax professional promptly. Your thoughtful preparation will have a powerful impact on our agency's mission of caring and families that are on the edge will truly understand the meaning of unconditional love. Put simply, your generosity is the lifeblood of our success.

When you decide to have an impact on future generations, you carry forward our mission of love and service to one another. When you choose to join the Ballington & Maud Booth Legacy Society, you join forces with many other caring individuals supporting the dedicated work of Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. Members in this prestigious group have enabled our agency to serve those in desperate need of a helping hand since 1896. Your contribution also enlightens the communities we serve and becomes a symbol of the driving forces that keep us going. Neighbors, friends and families learn that Volunteers of America Delaware Valley represents kindness and compassion for those in crisis situations. Co-workers and strangers come to know that our motto "There Are No Limits to Caring" is true, and your gift helps to make our ongoing mission possible.

A pledge to our Legacy Society is an important step that demonstrates how much you care. It goes without saying that these individuals and families desperately need to know that someone cares about them. For further information about the Ballington & Maud Booth Legacy Society please call Emma Kimenhour, Philanthropic Gift Director, at (856) 854-4660 x101, or e-mail