What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is an important part of the work we do everyday at Volunteers of America Delaware Valley. Advocacy requires us to protect those we serve, those we could potentially serve and those who work so diligently to provide such services. Advocacy can take the form of:
•a hand written letter to a legislator sharing ideas or asking for change
•sharing a policy concern with your Program Director or the Policy Department
•a visit with the Governor
•testimony shared at a Senate hearing
•client stories

 Advocacy, paired with the critical programs we provide is a powerful tool of healing and change.

Why is it Important?

Elected officials and policy makers make important decisions that directly impact our work. The purpose of the Public Policy Department with the help of all employees of VOADV is to respond to these decisions and also introduce new ideas to inform those in power of potential impacts to our clients, programs and staff. Advocacy does make a difference.  Not only are you actively participating in your government, but you are letting your elected officials know that you are holding them accountable.  We serve those who traditionally have a limited voice in the policy process and as they work to achieve wellness and self-sufficiency we work to advocate for the services and supports they need.