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Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Program – Residential:

The Addiction Treatment Program is a 72-bed residential program serving adult male offenders on New Jersey Parole.

Location: 510 Liberty St, Camden, NJ

Phone: 856-583-2220

Services: The Addiction Treatment Program provides a comprehensive re-entry package to clients including a milieu of services that encompasses all areas of criminogenic risk/need. This includes re-entry case management, substance abuse services, cognitive skills training, housing assistance, emotions management, family violence prevention services, gang intervention, job readiness, life skills, employment assistance, and educational services. Treatment modalities include cognitive-behavioral intervention, motivational enhancement, relapse prevention therapy, and trauma-informed care. The goal of the Addiction Treatment Program is to treat the salient needs of the client population in a way to reduce the likelihood of risk for recidivism and/or relapse, and increase the likelihood for continued success on parole supervision and beyond.

Eligibility: All referrals from the New Jersey State Parole Board.

Addiction Treatment Program – Out-Patient:

The Addiction Treatment Program is a licensed ambulatory care facility for substance abuse treatment under the New Jersey Department of Health’s Division of Addiction & Mental Health Services. The program is licensed to provide both standard out-patient and intensive out-patient substance abuse treatment to adult men and women. The program is proud to be part of the Co-Occurring Network, providing co-occurring therapy services to clients who present with co-occurring disorders. Co-occuring therapy also includes trauma-informed care. The Addiction Treatment Program offers assessment services, individual counseling, group counseling, and case management services.

Location: 510 Liberty St, Camden, NJ

Phone: 856-583-2220

At intake, funding options are explored to best secure funding for client care.