Adopt a Family

You can give joy this holiday season by helping a family in need.  Volunteers of America Delaware Valley Adopt a Family program matches families in need with individual and/or corporate sponsors who adopt them for the holidays.  This year, you can help bring the joy of the holidays to families. 

Countdown to Christmas!
We have 58 families left

If you are interested in giving to Adopt a Family, call us at 856-854-4660 or email and let us know the size of the family you would like to adopt along with the ages of the children, if it matters, and any questions you might have.  We will send information to you on a family in need. 

You can help in two ways:

Direct Adoption:
You choose the family
* We send you a profile & wish list
* You buy for each child:
    One new toy or gift
    One new outfit or piece of clothing
    One holiday meal for the family (or grocery store gift card)

Cash Donations:
Each cash donation makes it possible to help more families.  Your donation of any size is combined with others to provide clothes, toys and food to families who are in need.  A perfect way to make your gift go further!
$20 provides a toy for a child
$30 provides warm clothing for a child
$50 provides a filling family dinner
$150 provides an entire holiday experience for a family of four

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